Phin Honolulu

Enjoy the best Hawaiian shirt this season, and add a new look to your wardrobe! Phin Honolulu is a brand bringing you a premium, high-quality product so that you can enjoy the perfect aloha style. Our shirts are made with a high thread count pure cotton fabric that makes our floral shirts breathable and comfortable, even in humid conditions. Men on the islands wear aloha shirts for all occasions, whether in the office, casual wear, or fine dining. If you want to blend in with the locals, wear what the locals prefer – sophisticated, simple, unique, authentic Hawaiian design with subtle colors. Wear our shirts tucked in for the office or tucked out for a more relaxed wear. Our shirts are tailored to wear either way. A perfect fit for you!

Hawaiian Kapa Motif on the Collar

Phin Honolulu offers a high-quality, well-tailored shirt with a Hawaiian kapa (cloth) motif on the collar. Ancient Hawaiians would stamp with an `ohe kāpala to create geometrical designs with ink onto the kapa. Triangles would represent shark teeth or arrowheads, which symbolize strength and courage. Check out our available colors and choose the perfect color for you!

Hawaiian Style by Phin Honolulu

Phin Honolulu captures the Hawaiian culture in our men’s floral dress shirts. Ancient Hawaiians would typically make kapa (cloth) out of mulberry trees and soak and pound the fibers until their desired texture. Then, they would use an `ohe kāpala (bamboo stamp) to create geometrical designs with dye onto the kapa. We incorporated a Hawaiian motif on the collar of our shirts.

green men's shirt showing kapa print collar and welt pocket

Welt Pocket

Another unique feature is the green and blue shirts have a reinforced welt pocket. In contrast, the pocket sleeve is sewn inside the shirt instead of sewn on the outside. Notice the white shirt had the pocket sleeve sewn on the outside as a standard pocket.